What You Should Be Eating To Stay Fit

Many people think that the best way to lose weight is to go to the gym, train at an intense pace and then wait for lunch or dinner to eat, but the key to success to stay in shape is another: you have to feed your body with healthy and balanced foods and at the same time do targeted physical exercises. However, food should be taken at the right time of day, as well as exercises in the gym should be done at the right time and time.

Before each workout it is essential to take proteins and carbohydrates to give energy to the body and burn more calories, maintain energy and preserve lean muscle mass.

What to eat and when to eat

There are many diets for slimming and staying in shape that most often exclude carbohydrates, but for those who are used to doing a lot of physical activity and attend the gym assiduously, the exclusion of carbohydrates from the diet is not the best approach to follow.

In general, the diet of an athlete should be rich in quality proteins, lean meat and high quality fish, essential fats from nuts, almonds, avocado and wholemeal foods such as rice and quinoa (which have a lower glycemic index than traditional pasta) and many vegetables for the right amount of fiber.

In addition to choosing what to eat you have to pay close attention to when to eat, it is a detail that is not always given the right attention, eating the right food at the right time of day can make a difference.

Before training

We must ensure the right energy for the body and we can do this by taking carbohydrates and a portion of protein. Don’t exaggerate with the quantities that you might otherwise have to pay for.

After training

During this time it is recommended to take protein and a small dose of carbohydrates. After training, your muscles should be helped to recover energy. For convenience and convenience, you can take protein bars or a protein shake.

Here is a summary of what to eat and when to eat during the day:

Carbohydrates in the morning to give your body immediate energy.

  • Lunch based on protein and fibre
  • Protein snack (before and after training)
  • Protein dinner with the addition of “good fats”
  • Proteins

It is known that proteins are the fuel of gym lovers, meat, fish and eggs help to satisfy the appetite and regulate the metabolism. However, they should be balanced with other foods such as fiber, such as a salad with chicken and eggs is ideal!

As an alternative to “natural proteins”, whey proteins can be taken as a snack or in combination with a meal. These are powdered proteins that have to be dissolved in water or in milk, guarantee the same protein intake as foods and are also more comfortable and quicker to eat.

As far as protein powders are concerned, it is good to make a difference between whey protein isolates and whey protein concentrates. You will find both types on the market, but which one is best chosen? If you don’t have problems with your wallet, you can choose whey protein isolates directly, which have a higher protein content and less fat than concentrates. Whey protein concentrates are still a very good product!