Run On The Beach For A Perfect Body

Holidays can be a valuable time to keep in top physical shape, performing a fun but effective beach fitness routine to improve muscle tone, endurance and regain agility and strength. The main goal is to set muscles in motion but without stress, stimulating metabolism in bikinis. You just need 30 minutes a day: 15 minutes of cardio activity, to increase cardiovascular endurance, and 15 minutes of toning activities such as yoga or Sup, which stands for “Stand Up Paddle” and literally means “standing on a surfboard”. But let’s find out more about beach fitness, to return from the holidays regenerated in mind and body.

Beach fitness: activities to do at the beach to stay in shape without sacrificing fun

At the beach you can train effectively and, in many cases, without the use of any equipment.┬áThe ideal is to combine 15 minutes of cardio fitness and 15 minutes of muscle strengthening by performing fun beach activities that will not make you feel any fatigue: so let’s not talk about squats, or the classic gym workouts to be carried out on the beach, but about pleasant activities that will make the whole body work. You will be more toned, you will also increase your endurance and strength: do not forget that the physical effort will allow you to burn more calories than the usual training that you do in the gym. Take up these activities early in the morning or at sunset to avoid overheating.

Always start training with cardio activities to be carried out for at least a quarter of an hour. Here are the ones you can choose from on the beach.

Running on the beach or jumping on the rope

Among the cardio activities to be carried out at the sea you can choose between running on the beach to alternate with jumping to the rope, with these activities legs and ankles will work twice as much as the run on the treadmill that you usually do in the gym. All you need to do is 15 minutes of running to the beach or jumping to increase your heart rate and oxygenate your tissues by burning calories.

A regenerating swim

For a complete cardio workout, choose swimming, which is also useful for cooling off the summer heat. Swim for 15 minutes or half an hour to burn more than 200 calories. Choose your back and frog for the style that will make your cardiovascular system work best. With the back you will tone your abdominals and shoulders while with the frog the triceps and thighs will be particularly stimulated. The resistance of the water is also excellent to maximize the training.

Beach volleyball for a complete workout

If you want to get ready for a longer cardio workout that lasts at least half an hour, then choose beach volleyball, a cardio activity that will also allow you to tone your body and burn fat. In this sport, the legs are always bent, thus strengthening the entire lower body, including the toes, thanks to the work of the sand. At the same time you will strengthen your arms by throwing the ball.

Walking in the sea

You can also dedicate yourself to another pleasant activity that will allow you to train with your legs in a cool place: the half bath, that is the classic walk in the sea with water that reaches the level of the thighs, an exercise useful to reduce fat, thanks to the lipid-reducing action of iodine, and to drain the legs by attenuating the orange peel skin.