Get Into Shape With Simple Training In The Park

Outdoor training is the new frontier of fitness, more and more customers ask me to train at the park near home rather than on the beach or in the mountains.
Most of the time we train in “circuit training”, i.e. we create several stations or better exercise stations and the classic “series” ends at the end of the stations.
In this article I will explain you how to train in the circuit in the park behind your home or in any outdoor location.

Let’s start by specifying the results that can be achieved with this type of training:

  • From a psychological point of view we have an improvement on the motivation and relief of the stress accumulated in the Office.
  • From the respiratory point of view, of course, we have at our disposal for our lungs pure air and not rarefied air and conditioning, classic of super crowded gyms at rush hour.
  • From the point of view of aesthetic results we have a decrease in the percentage of fat mass and a general toning of the skeletal muscle, in some cases we also have a muscle hypertrophy but it depends on the intensity of the exercises performed.

In a nutshell, training in total body circuit helps us to improve our performance of functional strength, helps us to lose fat, to tone the muscle and to stay in shape.

Now we start to understand how to prepare our total body training circuit, we need to:

  • a space of about 15 square meters.
  • A flat surface.
  • The force of gravity (unless you train in space that you do not miss for sure).

Now we think about drawing an imaginary circle on our flat surface and we mark each station (or station) on the diameter of this circle with a bottle or a stone or whatever indicates the point of the station.
At this point all that remains is to decide how many stations to prepare and which exercises to perform at each postaOutdoor training, all this is decided taking into account the athletic preparation that we have; try not to exaggerate and if you are not very prepared in the matter, contact a professional (I am at your complete disposal, do not hesitate to write me or call me).
Now I’ll give you an example of a simple 3-station circuit to help you understand how to organize yourself, but you can unleash your imagination and insert within our circle any free body exercise with or without the use of weights.

In the first station we bend our arms, in the second station we put the squat jump and in the last station we lie down abdominals.

The squat jump means to bend the legs until you bring the quadriceps parallel to the floor and from this position jump up and then return to the starting position, the bending on the arms are the classic “flexions” even if indicating flexion the flexions is wrong because in biomechanics the flexion means flexing one limb on another. The abdominals lying down, however, we can do by pulling up the shoulders from the floor of about 5 centimeters and contracting the abdomen.

We try to start by doing 15 repetitions for each exercise uninterruptedly, then stop at the last station, rest for 1 minute and then start again 5 times.

I hope I have been as clear as possible and I have not used technical terms to allow anyone to train in this way outdoors, I just wish you a good workout and I recommend you do things wisely without improvising too much.