Using Health Supplements To Lose Weight

Weight-loss supplements often raise questions about their true effectiveness. Do they really work? Today in our blog we reveal how and when they should be taken and in which cases they may not be effective.

Do dietary supplements help you lose weight?

There are nutritional supplements that are used to burn or absorb the fats in our body. Depending on the type of supplement, they also capture the sugars in the supplement and help reduce calorie intake. They also help control fluid retention. And they can also have a satiating effect that calms anxiety and compulsive hunger.

Above all, we must bear in mind that the effectiveness of these supplements will depend entirely on the practice of two essential allies: exercise and healthy diet. And in specific cases, perhaps it is convenient to have the help of an expert in nutrition and dietetics to have a guide of its consumption.

For dietary supplements to do their job, our diet must contain a significant amount of protein. But fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals should also be present. An essential nutrient that these foods provide us with is fibre, which is very beneficial for our intestine. On the other hand, we must also consume fatty acids found in olive oil and nuts. As well as the ingestion of seeds of chia or pumpkin that contribute energetic micronutrients.

In Spain, the commercial sale of Xenical or Alli, derived from lysptatin, is currently authorised. This substance acts in the intestine cutting fats, preventing their absorption and reducing the caloric intake. Other complements marketed at European level are Saxeda and Mysimba. These dietary supplements reduce the appetite generating a satiating sensation.

These supplements are not drugs, but are prescribed professionally and require a prescription to be purchased. In fact, although they are not medications, they can trigger side effects such as vomiting, diarrhea or headaches. For this reason, its use is not recommended in periods of pregnancy, breastfeeding or without the advice of a professional.

When should we take them?

Nutritionists insist that these food supplements are accessories. Therefore, their effectiveness will depend on the combination of a healthy diet and physical exercise. Otherwise, these supplements will not work miracles. According to experts, their intake should be given before the main meals. In this way a satiating action is achieved and excess is avoided at mealtime. If what we are looking for is to lose fat and reduce calories ingested, the ideal is to take this type of supplements half an hour before eating.

Some proposals of food supplements to lose weight
Here are some supplements that can be effective as long as they are combined with a healthy diet and physical exercise:

The alternative to food supplements: tips to reinforce to lose weight in a healthy way
As we have seen, dietary weight loss supplements may be an option to consider. Many factors must be evaluated such as the effectiveness of the supplement in each person or the side effects it may cause. In any case, if this type of supplement cannot be ingested or does not give the desired result, some weight loss habits can be reinforced. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Consult a specialist

Slimming is a goal shared by many people, but to achieve it, different methods are needed for each case. Each body is a world and not all diets – even if they promise to do so – manage to make us lose weight. Therefore, if we want to lose weight the best thing to do is to go to a professional specialized in nutrition training, who will advise us about the right diet and healthy habits required in each case. It is advisable that they help us to know how much weight we should lose and how to do it. In addition, they can also tell us if it is necessary to take nutritional supplements to achieve our goal.

Expand your fruit and vegetable intake

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), fruits are an essential component of a healthy diet and their consumption also contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer.

Fruits and vegetables are great allies when it comes to losing weight, as they have few calories, and at the same time, a satiating effect thanks to their vitamins and minerals. The apple or ginger, for example, can burn a lot of calories and improve the digestive process. While vegetables such as artichokes or asparagus have diuretic properties that help us against liquid retention.


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